Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our trip to the Park

Saturday was such a beautiful day so we decided to take Logan and Rylee to the Park. It was so much fun. Logan is really starting to enjoy the play ground. He is so brave he goes down all the big slides all by himself. It scares me as I watch from the ground as he climbs on all the equipment.
His Favorite thing is to go on the swings. It doesn't matter who pushes him all he cares about is going higher and higher! He has no fear. It so hard to get him off the swings, and trying to leave the park is even worse!!
Rylee and I just hung around and watched Logan run all over. We were glad Jake was there to chase Logan!

Hidden Valley Park is so fun! It has something for everyone and in the summer it has the splash pad to cool you down. We really love this park.

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Handi Andi said...

cute post and i love your new background. Rylee is getting so big! she looks so different in the valentines post!